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For many years Terry Shaffer, PGA Golf Professional has been teaching many thousand of golfers with great success. He was one of the first PGA Professionals to have the use of video analysis over thirty years ago. While many professionals have you-tube channels to work with to assist golfers in developing their games, also having looked through many of these instruction programs, there are few that actually ask the student to send their video of their golf swing to a professional for analysis. Pure Contact Golf takes advantage of this. 

PCG wants to see your swing and has a time-tested program for golfers to work with a professional through the use of video analysis regardless of the golfer’s location. This includes using drills, following up, and giving the golfer a visual of what really needs to be done. This is the whole purpose of this website. More importantly, PCG’s hallmark, is to really teach what the golf swing is about. We would like the golfer to know what happens when they hit great shots and also when they hit poor ones. If a golfer knows what is truly happening, then they will also know how to manage better on the golf course.


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Should you wish to visit us and work in person, that is totally possible at the National Golf Club in Fort Washington, Maryland. Please understand however, that video analysis is a tremendous tool regardless of where you are located to start working on your game with us. Rest assured this is a great program run by PGA Golf Professionals that know how to make a difference in your game. We sincerely hope you will let us work with your game.


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